The CrossFit Stumptown Bowling Experiment

Joon Howard

Bring Your "A" Game!!

Come join us this Saturday, January 26th at Hollywood Bowl for a chance to get out and have some fun with your fellow CrossFit Stumptown members.  We will be meeting at the bowling alley at 4:00 PM and will bowl until all quarels are resolved, or they kick us out.  Feel free to bring family and friends, as this is a social event outside of our normal screaming, ground shaking, weight throwing ways... Or is it?  Just show up ready to have a good time, Meet people, Have a drink, Eat some damn food and bowl! Nuff said. See you there! 

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I couldn't make it to this one, but this needs to happen again! Soon! Cuz, I love me some bowling. Especially with you fools.
Do they have a Paleo menu???
I think bowling is probably bad for my knee. But perhaps I'll stop by to say hi for a bit!