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Drop In

Because of a high volume of drop ins we must have guidelines in place. We are happy to accommodate traveling CrossFitters, but before making a reservation online please take into consideration the following guidelines that are required for drop ins:

  1. We do not allow drop ins from out of town in our special holiday workouts/or modified schedule for events. Our attendance on those days is significantly higher and we need to be able to accommodate our current members.
  2. We do not allow drop ins visiting from out of town in our regular classes with NO CrossFit experience. This does not mean that you need to be an expert. You would need to have went through a foundations program at your home box OR have 2-3 months experience.
  3. If you are a drop in with experience, you can come to any of our scheduled classes with an EXCEPTION of the 5:30 am class AND open gym. These hours are for current members only. *Note: we will allow affiliate owners to attend open gym hours.
  4. Please do not bring in a friend with you who has never done CrossFit. We have an introductory class available for people who want to try out CrossFit every Saturday at noon. (Free for the first time)
  5. It is REQUIRED to reserve a class ahead of time before dropping in, you can do this online at HERE. If you need further assistance before reserving a class please email
**Please note that if you have a special circumstance (such as dropping in for a longer period of time), you can email us ahead of time to come up with an appropriate solution.

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