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thumbnail (3)When I moved to Portland a little over 3 years ago, I didn’t know anyone but my fiancé. At the time I had no friends, no job and not much to occupy my time. The year before I moved, I completed an Ironman Triathlon but was looking at getting back into strength training while pursuing a career as a firefighter. After stumbling across a Groupon for Crossfit Stumptown I decided to check out what Crossfit had to offer, and I haven’t looked back since. Tony, Joon, and the numerous members and coaches at Stumptown have been there for every failed rep, torn hand, and PR, helping me not only meet my training goals, but exceed them.

It took some time, but I finally achieved my goal of becoming a firefighter. Crossfit Stumptown has not only made me a better athlete, but a better Firefighter. The constant support, words of encouragement and knowledgeable staff have all helped me succeed by pushing me to meet and exceed my own expectations. Stumptown has given me an opportunity to excel in a career that is physically demanding and I can’t thank them enough. If you have any doubts about trying Crossfit, drop in, see what the community is about. I guarantee you will love Stumptown and the positive atmosphere it has to offer.

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