Jenn St John

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Workout History

Date Workout Result Notes Action
01/31/2013 Registration is Open! Mod 07:50 45lbs and lame ass pull ups.
01/30/2013 "Super Friend" Mobility Mod 29:00 PR'd with 5 double unders for the whole WOD! Progress, folks, progress.
01/29/2013 Mean Green Mod 07:05 SDHP - 45lbs. YUH!
01/23/2013 Cleans, Pull-up, OH Squats, Oh my... Mod 17:10 68lbs - power clean scaled for workout - 33lb bar
01/22/2013 Tuesday Mod 5 rounds Shoulder press : 53lbs
01/21/2013 Monday Monday Monday Mod 113 lbs Scaled: 53 lbs
09/19/2012 Wednesday RXed 15:03 55lb RM press
09/18/2012 Tuesday Mod 11:20 33lb bar/18lb kb
09/17/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.5 Mod 3 jump pull ups


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