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CrossFit Stumptown – CrossFit

Therapydia squat prep (No Measure)

25 cals on bike or 15 on rower

50 ft Inchworm

50 ft Lunge and twist stretch

50 ft Lateral lunge stretch

50 ft Prisoner squat with pause

PVC pipe shoulder ER stretch 30 sec each

10 Wall facing PVC pipe OH squat

60 second FLR hold

30-60 second handstand practice

5 Deep squat progression

Metcon (Time)

Seven rounds for time of:

7 Thrusters 95/65

7 Pull-ups

7 Box Jumps 24/20

In teams of two, with only one partner working at a time. One partner will blast through a full round before the next begins. Repeat until both teammates have completed seven rounds.

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