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Friendsgiving this Sunday at 1pm. We would love to see you there! Come say hi, bring a dish to share and enjoy the company of your CrossFit StumpTown family! More details in the gym and on our group page/instagram.

CrossFit Stumptown – CrossFit

Therapydia Front Squat Prep (No Measure)

500m row

50ft inch worms

10 PVC pass throughs

10 T/S Extension hanging from bar

10 kipping hips to bar

10 KB or DB alternating strict press (moderately heavy)

10 Alt. Spiderman Lunge x 3 sec. holds each.

10 reverse lunge and twist

10 pause goblet squats 53/35

10 SL RDL with KB in opposite hand each leg

10 wall facing PVC pipe front rack squats

Back Squat (Hatch: WK 6/ Day 2)

Front Squat (Hatch: WK 6/ Day 2)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15 Min

10 Push Press (95/65)

5 curtis p’s (95/65)

10 Burpees

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