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Holiday hours:
Nov 24-Thanksgiving: closed
Nov 25-10 and 12 only
Nov 26 and 27th- regular hours

Dec-24th- reg classes (10 and 12)
Dec 25th- closed
Dec 26th-10 and 12 only

Dec 31-reg classes (10 and 12)
Jan 1- closed
Jan 2- reg classes

CrossFit Stumptown – CrossFit

Junkyard Dog (No Measure)

The junk yard dog warm up consist of 2 parts, hospital each done with a partner. Part 1: Partner A sits on the deck with his arms to the side(parallel to the deck)and legs out front touching each other. Partner B starts behind partner A, ask jumps over arm 1, turns 90 degrees, jumps over the legs, turns 90 degrees and jumps over arm 2, then turns 180 degrees and repeats going the opposite direction…this is 1 rep. Perform this 5 times, then switch. Part 2: Partner A gets on his hands and knees, and partner B jumps over partner A. At this time partner A pikes up and partner B low crawls under partner A…this consist of 1 rep. Perform this 5 times, then switch.

Also, for a visual example, you can google “junk yard dog” and see numerous videos.

Push Press (1×4@55% 1×3@65% 1×3@75% 1×2@85% 5×1@90%)

Cindy Archibald (Time)

4 Rounds

5 Front Squats 165/115

5 Pull ups

5 Hang Cleans 165/115


5 Push Jerks 165/115

15 Air Squats