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Saturday, April 22nd, our friends from Therapydia Portland will be coming by to test body composition using the InBody machine.

Body comp testing from 8-1, email Jay for a scheduled testing block of time.

*Stella’s will do a meal planning talk at 1pm

*CFST winners will each get a $100 gift card to use towards your membership or pre order apparel. In addition all 4 winners will get 2 complimentary visits with Jay from Therapydia for a physical therapy evaluation and treatment. As well as a discount code from Stella’s.

THE COST TO PARTICIPATE IS ONLY $40! (Cash only please)
Email to sign up!

CrossFit Stumptown – CrossFit

Therapydia Core warm up (No Measure)

Inchworm 50 ft

Knee grab to dynamic kick 50 ft

Cossack squat 50 ft

3 points of contact squat with PVC pipe 20 reps

Banded hip hinge 20 reps

20 hollow rocks

20 supermans

10 kips on bar

Bottom of squat hold 1 minute

Metcon (Time)


KB Swings 70/53

Toes 2 Bar


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