Top Reasons Why You Must Use Microsoft Teams

With outbreak of COVID-19, organizations are forced to ask their employees/staff to start work from home & use meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams just to stay connected and involved for meetings & chats online.  It is considered to be the best way, in this article we will look at some top reasons you must start using Microsoft Teams and for complete details visit penloree.

You Can Share Your Screen

The share your screen option in Teams offers simple collaboration & faster decision making. This features helps your entire team feel a bit connected to the projects you are working out together.

You Can Record Meetings

Another amazing feature of Microsoft Teams is it allows recording your meetings online. Not just is your recorded meeting useful in reminding yourself what happened in the meeting, but removes writing down meeting notes. In this way, everybody will focus on their meeting discussion.

You Can Blur Background in Meetings

You can blur your background when doing meetings. Generally, people set up the remote work office right in their home; sometimes urgent meetings will happen in the busy places like airports and train stations. Teams have made this amazing feature that blurs things happening behind you in the meeting, and minimizing distractions happening. This is amazing feature that helps employer working from home to protect their privacy and hide personal things like kids playing and other stuff.

You Can Pin Important Channels

To have a successful communication is one big challenge, and when you add remote work then you are going to have some communication noise. When you use pins, you’re creating clarity & giving higher visibility to your important channels. In this way, you are at ease to know you will not miss important messages.

Final Consideration

With many workforces now depending on such platforms like Teams, these changes will definitely change in a way you hold your meetings.