Latest Films To See This Year With Family

Latest Films To See This Year With Family

AmaramAkhilamPrema is a new Telugu movie, which initially aired on Aha exclusively worldwide. It is a heart-warming Telugu film filled with all kinds of human emotions especially in terms of south Indian family life. It’s a good film to watch with your whole family together. It’s a proper replica of the basic fear’s fathers have towards the future and life of their daughters. What happens when a loving father finds out his daughter made an unturned mistake in her life and the results of how he copes up with such an emotional breakdown between father and daughter are truly heart touching.


RUNTIME: 2 hours 12 minutes

RELEASED: 18 September 2020

GENRE: Romance, Drama

ACTORS: Vijay Ram

ACTRESS: ShivshakthiSachdev

OTHER ACTORS: SrikanthIyengar, Naresh, Sri Lakshmi, Annapoorna

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Vesapogu

PRODUCER: Vevkds Prasad




The story starts with our main character Amar as being jobless and forced to work along with his father in their bookstore. One fine day as he enjoys his life irrespective of the job he was given by his father, a girl enters into the store to buy books. It’s the moment he decides that he wants to share his life with her. He starts to roam around in every aspect of her life some or the other way just to be beside her. She understands that he loves her. So, she calls up a meeting and explains him in detail about why she is not interested in having to be in a relationship. She has a past history of getting cheated on by a man even when her father told her not to love him, for which her father stopped talking to her and her regrets made her offer her life’s choice to him which makes her not to fall in love with anyone. What path love has shown them to get together is the most beautiful aspect this film offers.Viewers can watch AmaramAkilamPrema Online on Aha.


– Acting of Amar as the main protagonist in the film is decent.

– Shiva ShakthiSachdev as the heroine of the film expresses the beauty filled in her eyes.

– SrikanthIyengar as the father has shown the love and maturity any father could express to their children and his acting and dialogue delivery when he’s angry seems to be related to many real-life fathers.

– All other actors in the film has taken their best in terms of expressing their ideas among with their usual character choice.


– Scriptwriting is good.

– cinematography is neat.

– Lyrics in the songs has expression emotion beautifully.

– BGM is heart touching.

– Editing of the film is sleek at its best.


– The emotion between father and daughter is beautifully designed.

– The way the hero handles the problem his love suffers from is really appreciable.

– This film reminds any girl father, a moment in his life where he cares about his daughter in loads.

– It’s a movie to watch with your family to get back the feeling of happiness when all are together.

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