Month: January 2021

harry potter house quiz

What do you know about Harry potter.

Harry potter is a child who only wanted to become a good wizard studying at the school of wizarding hogwarts. He was a boy whose parents were murdered by Voldemort, a very bad wizard, Harry potter was the only one who could kill him and it was not easy to kill him even by Harry potter as Voldemot was very strong and he had many followers behind him. Harry potter had two other friends who always supported him and had his back to help him succeed his goal. Both Harry potter and Voldemort were strong wizards it was tough for both of them to kill each other, both of them tried their best to fight and in the end Harry potter kills him with the help of his friends. To kill Voldemort it was not a normal person’s job, even Harry potter needed a special knife to kill him. He and his friends always helped each other and that is not it, they even risked their lives for harry potter.

which harry potter house are you

Their friendship will always be remembered. The harry potter quiz will not be easy, it will be very challenging and very competitive, you can make this game more fun by involving your friends into it and you will also have a lot of fun playing with them. Friends are always necessary in our lives and they are the only ones who will understand you after your parents. Always try to make good friends. You will only realize this when you will really need someone and you will not have any. People are all very happy with this game as they are great fans of harry potter they are also answering very well and this is really amazing, we hope you will also like the game as much as others are doing and we also like this game too. People who are playing it have faced a lot of challenges as the questions asked here might be tough and if you are playing with your friend and he or she answers it correctly then you have to work on it more and see that you win next time.

Show your knowledge on the Harry potter series.

The Harry Potter quiz is amazing and every question is a challenge to solve, there is no better quiz game than this and everyone will surely like it.

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