Kargo Indonesia- one-stop solution for all your logistics

Kargo Indonesia is fast becoming the number one most popular cargo service in Indonesia.The vision to be a solution for all business logistics needs, it acts as a logistics company that continues to improve the quality of services for shipping goods and cargo. It makes businesses easy. Thus, becoming the most preferred provider of Indonesian cargo shipping services.

Features of Kargo Indonesia: –

  • You can rely on its services for a variety of your delivery needs. Starting from sending gifts for your family or moving house items, to distributing your business. With the application, your logistical needs can be easily served. The 4.8 ratings on the website from our various consumers areliving proof.

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  • Ordering a shipping fleet with the app is very easy. You need to enter your pick-up and delivery location on the app. You also get the option to choose what fleet best suits your delivery needs. Our application will then match your booking with the driver closest to your location and will arrive within one hour or at the scheduled time to pick up and deliver your cargo.
  • We provide multiple fleet options for you, from economy, van, car pick-up truck, to double garage truck. So, you don’t have to worry about the capacity and weight of your goods because, with a variety of fleet options, your logistical needs can still be fulfilled.
  • We provide a delivery track feature in the customer application. With this feature, you no longer need to worry about where your goods are currently located. Besides, you can also find out the estimated arrival time of the driver to your location when you are going to pick up or drop off your goods at their destination.

Kargo Indonesia is one of the most reputed logistics agency. You can receive and transfer goods easily with the agency.