Buying a smartphone- Focus on the features

In this modern world, having a smartphone is luxury and convenience. It helps people to communicate, store important data and the best source of entertainment. One could buy tickets, hold video conferences, get sports updates, money transfers and many things without leaving out the house. Technology is to make things easy and fun for us. One should take advantage of that by utilizing the right vivo y11 smartphone. Buying a new mobile phone is both exciting and confusing due to the number of options. So, you have to mainly focus on features to buy the best phone.


The size and resolution of mobile phones is an important feature to consider while buying a smartphone. Some prefer larger screen so that they can stream videos, play games or view movies. So, they can prefer a smartphone display ranging from 6-inch to 6.5-inch. It helps to use the smartphone according to your needs without any hassles. The vivo y11 display size is 6.35-inch with HD resolution that is a perfect handset for you.


Many prefer to use smartphones with speedy operations so that they can access the desired files without any delays. Some works with multiple apps all at one time in the split screens. So, looking at the best processor is very important. The process should allow you to do multiple functions smoothly.

Battery life:

Next, one of the significant features is the battery life for the day. The smartphone with excellent features but less battery life will not make sense. One has to prefer the phone that has longer battery life at least it should work throughout the day. It might differ from one user to others depending on the usage.

Security features:

Now, people prefer smartphones with the extra security features like fingerprint sensor, face unlock options and many more. It is preferable to buy a smartphone with extra security features.